Redefine data analysis with us.

There are currently two main ways to do analytics: either unsupervised or supervised. Unsupervised approaches are very powerful. Tools such as Mixpanel or Amplitude are very flexible through their funnels or persona tools, but they imply two things: on the one hand all the value that’s embedded in what you are not looking for is lost and on the other hand the quality of what you find depends on the quality of the people looking for it. The use of supervised solutions such as Hotjar, UXCam or FullStory avoid these drawbacks, but they have the important flaw of not being easily scalable.

With Vespucci we are relaying on maths and stats to build an analytics solution that’s both unsupervised and scalable. By doing so, we want to industrialize data analysis and help more people make decisions based on facts and not on gut feeling. It's a demanding journey. We need to build a robust infrastructure that can handle a large volume of data. We also need to build and evolve a product that is familiar to a broad user base. The quality of our user experience is crucial in our approach, we need to demystify data for our users. It's about making the boring engaging. We are looking for people who can lift mountains. We are a small team and we want to deliver big things.

Why join us.

  • You will be one of the first in the team and will have great growth prospects.
  • We are backed by some of the best investors in Europe.
  • We want to help more people make more data driven decisions. That’s key in a world where too many decisions are taken only on gut feeling.
  • They are some great challenges to solve ahead, we plan to process billions of data points from top tier apps in Europe and the US.
  • Competitive compensation (including equity package).
  • Nice perks (MacBook, iPhone, AirPods).

Open Positions.

🛠 iOS developer
We are looking for an ambitious iOS developer to help us design and deliver the next major releases of Vespucci. You will be in charge of the development of the Mac version of Vespucci and the iOS version of our SDK. We attach great importance to the user experience and performance of our app.

🚀 Mission
  • Design and maintain local computing systems based on the Metal and the Accelerate frameworks.
  • Propel a rich and interactive UI including an innovative use of animations.
  • Maintain and develop local data systems (Realm, CoreData,...).
🧠 Skills
  • You have experience in Swift, experience in C would be a plus.
  • You have experience with the Metal API or other low level hardware-accelerated graphic API.
  • You are eager to learn about AI, Deep Learning and Stats.
🌍 Remote Working (CET +/-3h)
Think you're the right candidate ?
We are looking for a FullStack engineer to help us maintain a first class infrastructure for Vespucci. You will be in charge of the maintenance of the existing infrastructure and also of its evolution to help us face new challenges. We are looking for someone who is curious, who will imagine with us new powerful and cost efficient architectures.

🚀 Mission
  • Design and maintain a backend system write in Javascript (NodeJS).
  • Design and maintain a frontend system write in TypeScript (Angular).
  • Manage NoSQL database systems.
🧠 Skills
  • You have experience in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, TypeScript. Experience in Java would be a plus.
  • You have a good experience with data systems. Experience with Apache Kafka would be a plus.
  • You have a good experience with cloud techs (AWS…) and Docker/Kubernetes.
  • Knowledge of DevOps practices would be a plus.
🌍 Remote Working (CET +/-3h)
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