Find what you forgot to look for.

The first analytics solution with which you don't need to search to find.

Set-up Vespucci in 3 minutes. No credit-card required.

Vespucci Advanced Techs
Vespucci Advanced Techs

Powered by Maths. Not by your Skills.

Most analytics tools ask you to specify what you’re looking for. Except that, you’re using analytics precisely because you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Vespucci relies on powerful mathematical models that search for insights in your data for you.

After helping you to identify a valuable UX Element (let's say the price), Vespucci highlights the values of this component (the different price ranges) that are likely to increase the probability of a defined behaviour.

Vespucci Advanced Techs

The first unsupervised solution that scales.

Relies on our dynamic insights and stop spending hours looking at screen recordings or session replay.

Vespucci Advanced Techs

Automate your hypothesis formulation.

Instead of keeping you guessing, we automate the formulation of hypotheses about your UX.

Vespucci Advanced Techs

Designed Around Privacy. App Store Ready.

Vespucci helps you limit the data you need to collect, delivering an experience that fits Apple’s approach to privacy.

Vespucci Advanced Techs

Understand your users like never before.

There are tons of tools on the market that deliver aggregated metrics about your product usage like the average time spent by your users, the average churn rate... But there are too many differences among your users for this to be truly valuable. Vespucci goes beyond aggregated metrics and relies on AI to provide segmentation tools that just work.

Visualize the homogeneity of a behavior you have identified using the statistical tools built into Vespucci (e.g. users abandoning the app for a price > $79) across space through visual and accurate maps.

Vespucci Advanced Techs

Complex data visualization at your fingertips.

Combine multiple dimensions (Retention, Engagement, Time and More) about your users in a few clicks to reveal insights that would otherwise have been lost in your datasets.

Vespucci Advanced Techs

AI-driven Data Identification & Processing.

We use machine learning to present your raw data in forms that marketers, customers and investors understand, highlighting emotions, categories or keywords.

Vespucci Advanced Techs

Effortless integration with a new kind of SDK or Segment.

We've designed a configuration wizard that writes the necessary code for the integration for you, seamlessly. You can also rely on your existing Segment configuration.

Turn your data into value.

Create an account in just a few minutes. We support most of the technologies on the market. So you can integrate Vespucci with an iOS app developed in Swift or Objective-C, an Android app developed in Java or Kotlin. We also support ReactNative or Ionic projects.



100k Monthly Active Users.

Included in Lab:

  • Track up to 100k active users and up to 1M actions each month.
  • Two Projects.
  • 30-days Data Retention.



1M Monthly Active Users.

Included in DataLab Pro:

  • Track up to 1M active users and up to 10M actions each month.
  • Unlimited Projects.
  • 180-days Data Retention.


Custom Volume

Custom Data Layers Quota.

Included in Enterprise:

  • Custom Volume.
  • Premium Support.
  • Unlimited Projects.
  • Custom Retention

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