Our statistics models identify insights that you wouldn’t have thought of.

Most analytics tools ask you to specify what you’re looking for. That’s a problem, because often you’re using analytics because you’re not sure what you’re looking for ! And even if you think you do, you could be closing the door on certain behaviours, missing hidden value. That’s why we’ve designed models that highlight the elements and content in your app that reveal remarkable behaviours.

Vespucci Advanced Techs

After helping you to identify a valuable UX Element (let's say the price), Vespucci highlights the values of this component (the different price ranges) that are likely to increase the probability of a defined behaviour.

Everything you had with screen recordings, at scale and privacy compliant.

App users are unpredictable, which is why publishers have started making video recordings of app sessions to try and not miss anything. Unfortunately, relying on video recordings introduces significant privacy and sampling challenges. We match the knowledge provided by video recordings, with many fewer constraints.

Build Around Privacy. App Store Ready.

Respecting users’ privacy is crucial. Vespucci helps you limit the data you need to collect, delivering an experience that fits Apple’s approach to privacy.

Vespucci Advanced Techs

Patented, GPU Accelerated Data Processing.

Vespucci is based on the same tech used in video games and professional graphics software: the low-level Metal API. This, combined with patented in-house data processing approaches, allows us to process large amounts of data, unearthing behavior and patterns that you may not have anticipated.

Visualize how consistent your metrics are across time, place and more.

Once you have Vespucci’s insights, you can see how consistently they appear depending on your users’ geographies, times, or technologies. For example, these visualizations have helped a meal delivery service to see that users in the south of Brussels abandoned the app after seeing negative customer reviews, while users in the city center were relatively indifferent to those reviews.

Vespucci Advanced Techs

Visualize the homogeneity of a behavior you have identified using the statistical tools built into Vespucci (e.g. users abandoning the app for a price > $79) across space through visual and accurate maps.

AI-driven Data Identification & Processing.

We use machine learning to present your raw data in forms that marketers, customers and investors understand, highlighting emotions, categories or keywords.

Easy Integration with a new kind of API or via Segment.

We know how sensitive the integration of a tool like Vespucci can be. We've designed a configuration wizard that writes the necessary code for the integration for you, seamlessly. You can also rely on your existing Segment configuration.

Vespucci Advanced Techs

Complex data visualization at your fingertips.

Combine multiple dimensions in a few clicks to reveal insights that would otherwise have been lost in your datasets.

A technology that turns data into stories.

Vespucci is powered by complex technologies and models. We rely on these to create value out of your data. However, we don't want this data to obscure what really matters to you: the experience of your users. That's why Vespucci not only presents you with data, but also helps you to reconstruct the stories experienced by your users in your app. These stories materialise in the form of natural language sentences based on emotions, categories or keywords.

Vespucci Advanced Techs

As an exemple, your story can track user that order after seeing a negative review.

Works on iOS, Android and ReactNative.

Our tool can be easily integrated into your mobile apps. We support most of the technologies on the market. So you can integrate Vespucci with an iOS app coded in Swift or Objective-C, an Android app coded in Java or Kotlin. We also support ReactNative or Ionic projects.

Track user Engagement & Retention.

Vespucci has powerful visual tools that allow you to track user engagement and retention. All of this is always guided by our statistical tools.

Vespucci Advanced Techs

Rosetta Stone. Multiple Platforms. One Experience.

Tracking data from platforms based on different technologies, such as your Android app and iOS, or your app and website, can quickly become complex. Each of these products are different because they have to accommodate different UI paradigms. However, in fact some elements have conceptually the same roles. Rosetta Stone offers you a unique interface to manipulate these hexagonal data as if they were one.

Increase the value of every dollar you’re investing in user acquisition.

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Vespucci Advanced Techs

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